Bench service

After receiving your carburettor it will have an initial inspection for any

serious faults. Should this be the case you will be informed before any other work is carried out. If the first inspection is good then your unit will be fully stripped to allow the internal galleries, chambers and jets to be cleaned with a powerful solvent and compressed air. This will remove all grease, dirt and fuel varnishes that have accumulated over time. The unit is then checked for wear in the body, spindles and linkages, rebushing or replacing if necessary. Your carburettor is reassembled using genuine gaskets, diaphragms and seals whenever possible. It is then bench tested and set up for a basic engine start. NB (All carburettors need to be fine tuned to individual engines). Your carburettor will then be returned to you via recorded delivery.


Mobile service

Our Mobile Service in the Midlands Area (we can travel further for Car Clubs and Fleets) is ideal if your vehicleis on a SORN, uninsured or without a valid MOT.  Problems such as non-starting, flooding, misfiring and electrical faults can be addressed at your home or local garage. Full engine tuning can be carried out

(ignition timing, contact breakers, spark plugs and leads) while the gas emissions are checked and reset. Whether you own a Classic Car (Jaguar, MG, Triumph, Rover Ford) or a Performance Vehicle with multiple carburettors, Carb-Care can meet your needs.

Serving and Tuning

We also offer a full on-site repair and tuning service in the greater Midlands area. Please contact us for details on our Fleet and car-club service.